Fusion Effect : EVO, it is here and it is real. Currently we are in BETA, which means somethings are working, and others aren't. We look to you to help us test each and every feature to ensure a powerful game come launch time.
We look forward to seeing everyone around Estin City.

Fusion Effect : EVO revisits the story behind the universe that players have come to know. It pieces together all of the loose threads into a story so amazing and awe-inspiring.
EVO presents a whole new set of ideas, theories, and environment. It allows the player to finally understand everything that has happened, and how things came to be.

EVO throws in a mixture of various species, with thousands to be discovered and interacted with. Amongst millions of various items to use in every day actions, combat, and enhancing your person. Think you are ready to step into the world of Fusion Effect?